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Below is the list of Enrichment classes provided at A. E. Phillips Laboratory School:



Students in kindergarten through fifth grades attend music as part of their regular schedule that equates to nine weeks of the school year.  Students in the elementary grades attend music for 45 minutes while students in middle school have these courses as elective choices.  Elective courses are 35 minutes, each day, for nine weeks.  Through music, students learn composers, musical genres, instruments, and rhythm as well as how to express themselves through movement and singing. Students in elementary grades participate in a musical play each year.  The culminating performance is the eighth grade Junior Broadway Musical.  Students are offered choir in fourth through eighth grade and have the opportunity to attend Honor Choir events.  The choir performs a concert twice a year, participates in the annual Patriot Day program, and also travels around Louisiana Tech University for “Sing Around Campus.”  



Students in kindergarten through fifth grades also attend art as part of their regular schedule (nine weeks of the school year).  As like music, students in the elementary grades attend art class for 45 minutes while students in middle school have these courses as elective choices.  Students are taught the elements and principles of design and how to use them in a composition.  They are allowed to be creative while experimenting with a variety of art materials and mediums.  Students are also introduced to famous artists, their works of art, and use their work as inspiration for their own art projects.  Core teachers also integrate art in their instruction.  



The A. E. Phillips library is open, daily, for students to check out books.  Elementary students attend library classes for nine weeks of the school year.  All students are frequently read to and exposed to various genres.  To further promote literacy and a love for reading, students participate in a school-wide book character parade where students and faculty dress as literary characters.  Third grade students participate in a readers’ theater and fourth grade students depict vocabulary words, through costume, in an annual vocabulary parade.  Author visits are also hosted.  The A. E. Phillips library has a website that includes links to favorite literacy and technology sites.  The library’s website also offers access to eMagazines, which enable students to read informational text online.  The Accelerated Reader program allows students to assess their comprehension on books they’ve read, and students develop typing skills through games, research projects, and the production of book trailers.  Students are also taught to use the Google Suite and Canva.  Middle school students have the opportunity to take an elective, Bullpup Broadcast, where they produce video announcements for the school.  


Physical Education

The goal of the Physical Education program is to provide fun, engaging opportunities for students to learn life skills and activities that can be enjoyed beyond their experience at A. E. Phillips.  All students attend P. E. classes and are provided recess each day.  Elementary students attend P.E. for 30 minutes and middle school students attend for 50 minutes.  Through P. E., students are taught coordination, gross motor skills, and teamwork through cooperative activities, and team and individual sports. The end of each school year is celebrated with a Field Day that emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, fitness, and fun.

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