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Elementary Curricula

English/Language Arts

Students are inspired to have a love for reading and writing.  The faculty of A. E. Phillips understand that students learn differently, and at different rates, as they grow and mature. Kindergarten through second grade teachers use a modified, balanced approach to teach literacy, integrating whole language and direct instruction.  Using the Louisiana State Standards as the guide, curricula such as Units of Study, Lively Letters, The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading, and Handwriting Without Tears are implemented.  Teachers use authentic children’s literature in daily instruction as well.  Reading levels are assessed using the Developmental Reading Assessment 2 (DRA2).  During small group time, students are taught on their instructional reading level and supported as they strive towards their next goal. 

Third through fifth grade teachers use the Louisiana Guidebooks to teach students to read, understand, and express their understanding of complex, grade-level, texts of various genres.  Along with the Louisiana Guidebooks, students in third through fifth grade also receive daily small group instruction on specific skills, based on individual needs of the students. Teachers use the data gathered from assessments to guide instruction.  Kindergarten through third grade teachers are trained in The Science of Reading.  This training is research-based and supports the instructional practices at A. E. Phillips.  Multiple faculty members have earned their reading specialist certification as well.  In all grades at A. E. Phillips, teachers encourage reading, simply for the love and enjoyment of reading.

AEP Literacy Plan



Teachers understand that students of mathematics progress from concrete, to pictorial, then finally, abstract learning.  Kindergarten through fifth grade teachers use the Zearn curriculum. In addition to Zearn, daily reviews support the curriculum. The daily reviews help students master skills and solidify their foundation of mathematical knowledge. Students are taught in whole group, small group, and individual settings.  Students work in small groups with their teacher to deepen and extend their math knowledge or remediate. Instruction is differentiated for the needs of students.  Hands-on manipulatives are utilized in all classrooms. 

Many teachers have created stations for students; individual stations, math talking stations, and group stations where the teacher continues to scaffold learning for students. Teachers and administrators desire to inspire a love for mathematics and a confidence in students by supporting students in building a solid mathematical foundation. 


Students at A. E. Phillips discover science through hands-on investigations and experiments.  Lessons are taught through collaborative exploration, discussion, and writing. Kindergarten through second grade students are taught using the Mystery Science curriculum.  This hands-on curriculum encourages students to think critically and betterunderstand the world in which they live.  Third through fifth grade students are taught using PhD Science.  Students explore and inquire about scientific phenomena through investigation. Students take ownership of their learning by thinking and investigating like scientists.  Teachers facilitate learning as students are asking questions and problem-solving in whole and small group settings, synthesizing the information gathered, and applying it to real-life scenarios.  

Social Studies

Social studies is an essential part of the A. E. Phillips elementary instructional day. The faculty and staff at A. E. Phillips desire for students to become effective participants in America’s democratic society and productive citizens in their community. The Louisiana Department of Education has provided the curriculum for social studies for kindergarten through 5th grade that teaches subjects of history, geography, economics, and civics. Along with this curriculum, teachers also use a variety of tools such as children’s literature and technology to teach social studies standards. Elementary teachers use the Studies Weekly curriculum that presents information in an engaging, newspaper-style text. Inquiry, research, and discussion are key instructional methods.

Social studies teachers realize that learners benefit from having a variety of perspectives. Guest speakers, such as leaders in the community and state, are invited to speak to students of all ages.  In elementary grades, characteristics of good citizenship are emphasized and integrated throughout the entire day school day.  Although standards deepen with each grade level, these character lessons continue through all grades as well as service opportunities. School wide events, such as the annual Patriot Day program and celebration of Veterans’ Day also serve as teaching opportunities of American History. 


Mrs. McHale and Mrs. Wagner

Welcome to A. E Phillips kindergarten!  Our kindergarten classrooms are buzzing with fun activities.  We read, write, explore, play, and learn together.

In kindergarten, we provide close individual attention to students and focus on providing a variety of student settings such as individual, small group, and whole group opportunities.
Our program is aligned with Louisiana State Standards.  We use state/parish required assessments such as the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) and our students receive a nine weeks report card including a letter grade for reading and math.

1st Grade

Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Spillers

First grade is packed with important and exciting transitions as children leave behind much of the play of preschool and kindergarten, and begin to develop more academic skills. Though our classrooms are organized more like a traditional elementary school classroom, we still incorporate lots of different ways to deliver instruction. Your child will also go through a significant transition to more extensive learning. As your child adjusts, he or she may get tired at the end of the day or have trouble focusing as the day progresses — that’s normal!

Building reading skills is an essential part of a first grader’s learning process and academic success down the road. As first graders develop their reading comprehension, they will talk more about certain topics and gain a deeper understanding of what they read. This skill will transfer into other subject areas such as Mathematics, Writer’s Workshop, Science, and Social Studies. Our data driven instruction is guided by the Developmental Reading Assessment and Zearn Math. Our skills are determined by the Louisiana State Standards across all curricula.

We want to make first grade as fun and engaging as possible, while meeting all state requirements. Some examples of this would be Writer’s Workshop, Literacy Stations, Guided Reading, infusing technology with our Math instruction, and Interactive Read Alouds to help enhance our Science and Social Studies learning.

While celebrating differences, our goal is to meet each child where they are by providing the individualized instruction needed to help them grow into lifelong learners!

We welcome all First Grade P.U.P.S. where we strive to be Passionate, Understanding, Patient, and Sincere!

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2nd Grade

Mrs. Harvey and Mrs. Hodge 

Second Grade is filled with lots of new learning experiences. The goal is to help our students reach their highest potential and academic success. We believe it is through the process of inquiry and rigor that our students can achieve their goals!

The 2nd grade curriculum is based on the Louisiana State Standards as required by the state. Developmentally appropriate activities and assessments are based on these standards, the needs of our students, and high expectations at AEP.

Daily work, homework, progress reports, and report card allow parents the opportunity to consistently monitor their child’s progress throughout the year. Grades sent home are a good indicator of your child’s progress. Parents with any questions or concerns about their child’s growth in any curricular area are encouraged to contact the teacher for a conference.

Teachers will make every effort to communicate concerns regarding a student’s growth and progress. Working together as partners will allow your child the opportunity to reach their greatest learning potential this year.

Helpful Websites: (AR- check to make sure the book is on the appropriate level) (Student purchases benefit the classroom library) (great resource for review daily math material) (great resource for additional math fact practice)

3rd Grade

Mrs. Walsworth and Dr. Bennett 

Welcome to 3rd grade! Third grade is a special year, and it serves as a bridge from lower elementary to upper elementary. We are excited about partnering with you to help your child grow as much as possible this year.

In reading, we read a variety of texts and follow the Louisiana Guidebooks 2.0. The Guidebooks cover a variety of third grade skills that teach students to dig deeply into informational texts, as well as novels, and narratives. We go beyond basic comprehension to really understand the text we are reading. In addition to the text we read in class, all students should be reading at home each night!

Our math curriculum provides opportunities for students to be actively engaged as they grow as problem solvers. Third graders move from using two operations (addition & subtraction) to using four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Students also solve multi-step problems. Digital lessons and small group lessons that focus on hands-on learning will help students to master math skills and concepts. According to the Louisiana State Standards, students are to know all products of two one-digit numbers (multiplication facts 0-9) by the end of third grade.

Third graders have the opportunity to learn about our unique state through ELA and social studies units. Students experience some of our state’s culture through a field trip to places such as the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum and Krewe of Gemini Mardi Gras Museum. We host a school Mardi Gras parade where the third graders display what they learn about Louisiana’s history, geography, economics, government, and culture. The third grade play also provides an opportunity for students to share what they learn about Louisiana. Students learn about science as they investigate through the use of hands-on activities.

Third grade is the first year for students to participate in state testing. Our philosophy is that if we work hard throughout the year to master the standards, then state testing is a time for our students to shine and show what they know.

4th Grade

Mrs. Braddock and Mrs. Johnson  

Welcome to 4th grade! The fourth grade team at AEP creates a highly interactive and energetic environment where every minute counts. Fourth grade is a pivotal transition year for children both socially and academically. During this year, responsibility shifts more to the students as they become more mature, independent, and able take ownership of their learning. Students will have daily opportunities to build on the concepts and skills they have acquired in earlier grades. We have high expectations for students and provide appropriate support and high challenge in order to give each student an opportunity to be successful. We also understand that clear and consistent communication between teachers, students, and parents is critical to student achievement.

We encourage our students to develop a love for reading and writing while experiencing the joy in a good story. Our math program is both engaging and challenging. Students enjoy participating in small group instruction, completing lessons digitally, and working with a partner to make learning new mathematical concepts both fun and interesting. We don’t teach to any specific standardized test, but instead we prepare our students to be successful in character and competency while bringing out the power of each student’s uniqueness.

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5th Grade 

Mrs. Cramer and Mrs. Scheaffer 

Welcome to fabulous 5th grade! Fifth grade is sure to be an exciting year!  

Throughout the year, students will be working towards achieving their own goals, as well as meeting the Louisiana State Standards.  The year will provide hands-on learning experiences, technology-incorporated lessons, and exciting projects to increase student engagement.  The Fifth grade teachers have high expectations for their students and students will be asked to work hard and give their best effort 100% of the time. Fifth grade is an exciting transitional year from elementary school to middle school and as teachers we strive to instill student responsibility and ownership of learning and academic growth. Fifth grade will be a positive learning experience for your child!

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