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Hello! This is Mrs. Ketchum & Mrs. Wick, and we teach English and Language Arts or ELA. ELA is one of the two longest parts of a middle school student’s day…literally, since we have them for two hours each day to tackle reading, writing, speaking, and so much more.

Our class incorporates independent reading, language tasks, writing, and the study of novels and informational texts. We use the state written Guidebooks as our curriculum. Each guidebook unit incorporates the ELA Louisiana State Standards. Students read an anchor text which can be a novel, an informational book, or a shorter text like a speech or article. From there students examine themes and ideas across multiple texts, write essays, and research topics related to each unit. The high level of thinking required of the students is astounding and the discussions we have in class show impressive thinking on the part of the students.

We also try to look outside our middle school and interact with the elementary students at our school. Our middle school students can often be found reading to younger students or helping them at larger events.

Middle School English Syllabus
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Social Studies

Welcome, I am Mr. Thomason and I teach Social Studies for the middle school grades. The purpose of Social Studies is to give every student a cultural world view while covering the Louisiana State Standards. To accomplish this goal, students will be examining the past and present cultural aspects of history. Students will be analyzing artifacts, art, and documents from the past and present to gain an understanding of what life was like. Students will be making claims about historical topics, and supporting those claims with evidence they find. They will also be completing Document Based Questions or DBQs. The students will be using a variety of technology like: Google Classroom, Nearpod, Kahoot, Quizlet, virtual field trips, and many more.

Middle School Social Studies Syllabus


Hi there! I am Dr. J and this is my second year at A. E. Phillips Laboratory School. I am extremely excited to share my passion and love for Mathematics with your students. I am a firm believer of making Math fun! I have taught various Math courses both at the college and high school level. One of my favorite qualities to observe in students is confidence in doing Mathematics; and as a result, I always encourage them to take pride and work hard at whatever it is that they are doing. I look forward to having fun with your students while we learn!
Dr. J Middle School Math Syllabus
Hello! My name is Mrs. Pipes and this is my first year at A. E. Phillips Laboratory School. I'm very excited to be here. This is my 11th year teaching Math, and I have taught middle school math in Texas, Oklahoma and California. I can't wait to watch the students grow in their love of Mathematics, and I strive to challenge my students to become thinkers, and problem solvers. I'm looking forward to a great year!
Mrs. Pipes Middle School Math Syllabus
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Hi there! I’m Mrs. Blount.  I have been teaching middle school Science at AEP since 2014.  I have over 15 years of teaching experience in Texas and Louisiana.  Science is my passion and I really enjoy facilitating student's curiosity as they observe and explain many fascinating natural phenomena.  Whether they analyze a video of animal behavior, or conduct an experiment with chemicals, students are wondering “why” and creating scientifically sound explanations.  There are few moments that bring more pride than when student efforts pay off with that “aha” moment.
I will cover a variety of interesting topics as students develop their research and science skills.  I reinforce skills such as data collection and analysis, scientific inquiry, collaboration, and communication during class.  Each year in Science, my students will continue building upon the previously learned concepts and begin exploring more challenging materials at a deeper level of understanding. Let’s work together to make this the best year ever!
Middle School Science Syllabus
AEP Science Fair Handbook


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