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English and Language Arts is the longest part of a middle school student’s day…literally. We have them for two hours each day to tackle reading, writing, speaking, and so much more.

Our class incorporates independent reading, language tasks, writing, and the study of novels and informational texts. We use the state written Guidebooks as our curriculum. Each guidebook unit incorporates the ELA Louisiana State Standards. Students read an anchor text which can be a novel, an informational book, or a shorter text like a speech or article. From there students examine themes and ideas across multiple texts, write essays, and research topics related to each unit. The high level of thinking required of the students is astounding and the discussions we have in class show impressive thinking on the part of the students.

We also try to look outside our middle school and interact with the elementary students at our school. Our middle school students can often be found reading to younger students or helping them at larger events.

Helpful Sites:
English Syllabus 19-20

Social Studies

The purpose of Social Studies is to give every students a cultural world view while covering the Louisiana State Standards. To accomplish this goal students will be examining the past and present cultural aspects of history. Students will be analyzing artifacts, art, and documents from the past and present to gain an understanding of what life was like. Students will be making claims about historical topics, and supporting those claims with evidence they find. They will also be completing Document Based Questions or DBQs. The students will be using a variety of technology like: Google Classroom, Nearpod, Kahoot, Quizlet, virtual field trips, and many more.

Social Studies Syllabus 19-20


Hello! I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Jaimie Simpson, and I teach the middle school math at A. E. Phillips. I’ve been teaching for 21 years and math is my favorite subject to teach.
We will be working very hard to master many skills this year. However, I believe that should be done with fun learning experiences. My goal is for each student to leave AEP a better person and with the knowledge needed to have a successful high school career.
I look forward to getting to know each and every one of my students and helping them reach their full potential.
Helpful Sites:
Math Syllabus 19-20


Welcome to Middle School Science! My name is Mrs. Blount.  I will not only instruct you in Science and STEM, but I am also the Student Council sponsor for AEP.  I have 13 years teaching experience in Texas and Louisiana.  I’m looking forward to a happy and productive school year.

A few facts about me:  I enjoy being outdoors, fishing, biking, gardening, & water skiing.   My favorite color is green, but I’m partial to paisley or tie dye patterns.  I enjoy science fiction & action movies.  I choose a gluten-free diet, but still enjoy sweets like Dr. Pepper, chocolate, and Crunch n Munch!

Parents and students please download the REMIND app on your smartphone by August.   All the middle school teachers send messages and homework assignments through this app.   You will receive a master list of our codes to sign up.

If you need to contact me for any reason, please e-mail me at:

Let’s work together to make this the best year ever!

Science Syllabus Letter 19-20
AEP Science Fair Handbook
AEP Science Fair Handbook 2019

Homework Policy

Homework Policy 2019

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MS Parent Letter Policies

Middle School Behavior Expectations and Consequences

MS Behavior Expectations and Consequences

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