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A.E. Phillips Faculty and Staff

Name Title Contact
Bennett, Ed.D., Tracy 3rd Grade ELA & Social Studies
Blalock, Casey Physical Education
Blalock, Ed.D., Jenny Director
Blount, Michelle 6th - 8th Grade Science
Boudreaux, Maggie Talented Art
Braddock, Lori 4th Grade ELA & Social Studies
Clary, Martie Art
Cramer, Sheree 5th Grade Math & Science
Ellis, Ashley Gifted
Harvey, Paige 2nd Grade
Heard, Lindsay Spanish
Hodge, Kelly 1st Grade
Hunt, Megan 1st Grade
Joseph, Ph.D., Grace 6th - 8th Grade Math
Kassab, Kristina Gifted
Kelly, Lori Assistant Director of Middle School
Ketchum, Kellye 6th & 7th Grade ELA
LeBlanc, Dionna Kindergarten
Pipes, Lauren 6th - 8th Grade Math
Postel, Nicole Library
Ramachandran, Nora Speech
Rivera, Norman School Counselor
Scheaffer, Patty 5th Grade ELA & Social Studies
Simmons, Kelly Inclusion
Sullivan, Terri Administrative Assistant 318-257-3469
Thompson, Anne Administrative Assistant
Tyler, Suzanne Physical Education
Wagner, Claudia Kindergarten
Walsworth, Jada 3rd Grade Math & Science
Whitten, Stephanie Assistant Director of Elementary
Wick, DeEtte 7th & 8th Grade ELA
Williams, Challys Paraprofessional
Wynne, Haley 2nd Grade