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Principal Advisory Council

The purpose of the A. E. Phillips’ Principal Advisory Council (PAC) is to work in conjunction with the principal in developing and/or addressing additions or modifications to the school’s programs or policies. The PAC will serve in an advisory function to provide recommendations. The PAC will also keep parents informed about the events at school and maintain an ongoing dialogue between parents and the administration of AEP. At the beginning of each school year, each grade level will select its grade-level representative at the conclusion of grade-level meetings. Each year, a spokesperson for the PAC will be elected via email once all members are selected, but prior to the October meeting. Each grade-level representative will serve a one year term beginning in October and ending in August. Council members may not serve two consecutive terms.


The principal remains responsible for final decisions, as well as all administration and supervision of the school. The PAC will have no veto power over the principal's decisions.
The following are some of the responsibilities of the PAC:


  • To assist the principal in the establishment of program priorities to meet the educational needs of all students;
  • To facilitate intra-school and inter-communities communications;
  • To promote commitment to common school goals;
  • To respond to student, faculty, and parent concerns;
  • To assist in finding solutions to management challenges;
  • To make recommendations to the principal by identifying educational concerns having school-wide implications:
  • The PAC will strive to achieve a membership consisting of:
  • One parent from each grade level
  • School Counselor
  • Three faculty members (K-2,3-5,6-8)
  • The PFC president or designee
  • Director
  • Other ad hoc members may be added at the council's discretion