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Happy Friday!

September 25, 2020
By Jenny Blalock

Dear Bullpup families,

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend.  I am often asked by thoughtful parents, “How’s it going?” and “How are you all doing?”  Well, I am pleased to report we are “Hanging in there!”  That is the theme for this year that you have likely seen on our faculty “Life is Good” tee shirts.  The teachers, faculty, staff, and students have handled this challenging year like champs.  Is it difficult? Absolutely.  But, I am so very proud of the people that make up AEP.  We are all glad to be back together.  The student body has a joy about them that warms my heart. 

I would like to provide you an update on the status of our school in regards to COVID-19.  We have had a very small number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 thus far, and we have not seen student-to-student transmission in our classrooms.  The faculty and staff are doing an outstanding job meeting the safety protocols set by the Louisiana Department of Education.  I have attached the updated decision tree that is used when making decisions regarding quarantine.  I realize that quarantining is very stressful and extremely inconvenient.  Please know that I am following guidelines, and choosing to err on the side of caution while working through each case carefully with student and teacher safety as my top priority.  I appreciate your understanding, patience, and graciousness with me as I am faced with difficult decisions to quarantine students.    

We will continue to offer virtual learning throughout the school year for those students and their families who would like to stay home due to health concerns.  For all others, we strongly encourage your consideration of returning to school.  No matter the caliber of virtual learning, there is simply no replacement for the learning that takes place in the classroom.  Despite all the differences this school year brought, our “new normal” is strangely beginning to feel “normal.”  Finally, I have one request.  As you have time, please let your child’s teacher know they are appreciated.  They are proving to be educational rock-stars!  

With gratitude,