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Dear Bullpup Families December

December 04, 2019
By Jenny Blalock
Dear Bullpup families,

          What an amazing start to the 2019-2020 school year! Thank you to everyone who has visited campus to volunteer or wish us well in the new academic year. The energy on the first day of school was exciting! It was heart-warming to see so many parents on campus. Champ and Tech XXII’s attendance was a great reminder of our deep connection to Louisiana Tech and a delight for students. We are thankful for the high attendance at the New Student Supper and at each Parent Night as well. Your support is one important reason A.E. Phillips continues to be an exemplary school.

          At AEP, we continually strive to provide engaging, real-world learning experiences for our students. This year, our elementary students are enjoying many science experiments through the new Mystery Science and PhD Science curricula, and teachers have completed room transformations to bring excitement to the classroom. First grade students arrived to school, in October, to find their classrooms had surprisingly been turned into bat caves and the fifth grade math students had a “Glow What You Know” day, complete with black lights. A highlight for our 7th and 8th graders was the trip to Washington, D. C. during the fall break to learn about our beautiful capital city and the history of our great nation. Thank you to all parent chaperones for your help on this memorable trip. Also, our middle school students participated in Student Council elections, and the speeches of the candidates were so inspiring that we hosted our first Leadership Lunch. Student Council and FCA leaders had an opportunity to express their ideas to enhance AEP to administrators. We are working to implement these ideas and recently held our second lunch with additional middle school students. This is a tradition we will continue.

         Our Bullpups are excelling in the classroom, in sports, and extracurricular activities as well. All members of the Cross Country team did a fantastic job this season during their meets. Our K-2nd boys, and 3-4th boys are state champions! Currently, basketball season is in full swing. We hope to see many of you at the Bullpup games. If you are in attendance, be sure to look for “Spike,” our mascot. Recently, he showed off his new uniform at a Louisiana Tech photo shoot for our school. He looks like a mini “Champ!” One piece of feedback we received, this year, from parents and students is the desire to form more clubs and student organizations at A.E. Phillips. We are proud to that say Math Counts is offered again at AEP. Professors from Louisiana Tech and volunteers from other institutions are teaching our middle school students advanced mathematic skills during this elective. Their first competition will be held in February. Our first AEP robotics team was also formed this year and they recently won the Regional Autonomous Robotics Sumo Competition! The team was recognized on the field at the Louisiana Tech football game. In addition, A. E. Phillips will hold National Junior Honor Society inductions this winter. We are thankful to the faculty, clinical residents, and parent volunteers who are working hard to assist the start-up of these clubs.

         This fall, teachers and administrators at AEP have traveled to trainings and conferences to acquire new, exciting, research-based strategies to enhance the educational experience for our students. Teachers are training to be ELA Content Leaders and Certified Mentors for Clinical Residents. Mrs. Kirk was recently selected to attend an educational fellowship at Mt. Vernon. The administrative team also attended the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) conference in Washington, D.C. over the Veterans’ Day break. We all are returning from our professional development experiences excited to share what we learned with colleagues and students!

         A. E. Phillips is unique in part because of the many special events that take place throughout the school year. The 4th graders kicked off the monthly musical productions with their energetic play entitled, “Rock-n-Roll Forever” and we have hosted our annual September 11th Patriot Day service and the 5th grade Veteran’s Day program. Both were touching reminders of the thankfulness we feel to our hometown heroes and those currently serving across our nation and around the world. The programs allowed us to express our thankfulness to these heroic men and women. We are currently celebrating the festive holiday season. We are thankful for the opportunity to share a Thanksgiving meal with so many AEP families. We look forward to continued celebrations with you in the weeks ahead.

         The families of AEP are an integral part of our success. Thank you for your service and support during events, field trips, school activities, and fundraisers. Because of your donations on, our teachers have been able to purchase items for their classrooms. Our October “Pink Out Day” to support “Wiggin Out” was a huge success too! The Bullpups raised $1,125! It was a fun day, but we told our students that helping others was the most important part of Pink Out Day. We will continue to seek opportunities to give back to our community. Our 8th grade students volunteered at the Special Olympics, and classes already have service projects planned for the Christmas season.

         Finally, as I walk around campus, greet students, and watch our teachers inspire their students, I am continually grateful for the opportunity to serve at A. E. Phillips. My favorite quote from Andy Eugene Phillips is, “School should be a happy place.” I believe Mr. Phillips would be proud of the progress and joy at our school.

With gratitude,
Jenny Blalock